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With this #glassware app pictures shared by other Glass users are automatically delivered to your own Glass. No need to search for #throughglass anymore. Only pictures shared directly from Glass are included, your own pictures are not included.
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Jon Bledsoe P1010341.JPG Yoon Knows 0207161528.jpg 100797057312836025306 G11.jpg jeff brown 20160208_135255.jpg Hiep Images TTHLH4_4225.jpg Meble Verona k5.png Jeff Baird IMG_2807.JPG Jeff Baird IMG_2782.JPG Svetlana Kolesnikova DSC_2275.JPG BRCC - (50).jpg Tanja Henn Light Affectable Art exposeert Light - glass - color Jeovani Rodrigues de Oliveira Rodrigues 20160208_151255.jpg Hollywood Super Bowling München DSC_6878.JPG Hollywood Super Bowling München DSC_6875.JPG Faschingsgilde Eilischo DSC_2662.JPG Shane Bollard IMG_1812.JPG Anita Kant DSC_0087.JPG Breeze Inn Ristorante Bistrot Carnival Breeze Inn 2016 Breeze Inn Ristorante Bistrot Carnival Breeze Inn 2016