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With this #glassware app pictures shared by other Glass users are automatically delivered to your own Glass. No need to search for #throughglass anymore. Only pictures shared directly from Glass are included, your own pictures are not included.
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Tomasz Wozniak DSC_8789_291_11837.JPG Gabor Ferkai K0-fXJBvHDxPkqplxaE1mz4ZdJHyKe-1up3-3wAu2L3Q1uY2MNGOSA==.jpg Loc Phan 12299192_958217764231938_2980046354849881735_n.png CV S3A Album2 _1018673.jpg Alex Kolyshkin The+18+Best+Wine+Bars+& mamtha dsouza IMG-20151128-WA0069.jpg Mary Claire Espinosa Foodie 🍨🍩🍰 - 3 Nice Movies user4-5659409a41df4.jpg Azka Defla upload_-1 Azka Defla upload_-1 Vibha Satwah us - 7 Nozumi M 20151128-1.jpg Chris Quigg IMG_1415.JPG Anna Heller cumpleaños de mama - 4 Dream Dragon 5vc7654vb7n6576 (1).jpg Mona Abrahamson Dark Green glass.jpg Loreta Mahalu DSCN5100.JPG Robin Huffstutter I did however buy these glasses. t f DSC_2489 vapor Fine Kennedy 22 RDA 3.jpg